Be Offbeat. Be Offtrend

                                      Sensible Clothing that challenges norms


                                                         Inspires Change

Be Offbeat. Be Offtrend

Sensible Clothing that challenges norms


 Inspires Change


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Off Trend

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Explore Premium Knitted Cotton Blends
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Off Trend

Premium fabrics

Explore Premium Knitted Cotton Blends
that show their character unlike

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Be Off Trend is a clothing brand for men.

In the era of fast fashion, a new segment of sensible people is slowly unfolding. These people seek to bring better changes in society through their daily activities.

This is the spirit Off Trend caters. Whether you have a business, you do a job, or you just want to wear something comfy to your college or gym; the tribe is yours. Make yourself a priority with Off Trend clothing. 

It has been brought forth by two founders who have had a long legacy of Garment Manufacturing. Both founders have seen this industry evolve inside-out. They know the background and what fix the industry needs.

Comfort is Off Trend. Off Trend is the new fashion. 

The world is after trends. Fast fashion is taking over. But we take hold of what stays. We make your choice, your first priority. No trend matters.

Boost Your Productivity

Did you know? 61 percent of employees are more productive when the dress code is relaxed.

Perhaps, this is the reason you prefer WFH over the office.

Care no more. We, at Beofftrend, have come up with comfortable Off Trend t-shirts, as comfortable clothes boost your productivity.

Speak without saying a word

People pick random t-shirts without bothering what is scribbled on them. But some graphics or text randomly written on the t-shirts can determine the impact you’ll have on people. 

Off Trend T-Shirts have crafted a solution out for this. Our designs are minimal. We only put what makes sense. We prefer quality over quantity and try to keep everything relevant.

Off Trend Clothing Every time Everywhere 

Clothing does not end at college and office. What do you wear at your home?

You don’t want to always keep changing your clothes, do you?

Off Trend clothing is what you need to opt for. Our customers do yoga wearing them. Visiting gym wearing them is the new flex. The T-shirt’s by Off Trend facilitate an easy passage of air and absorption of sweat.

No wonder, you can also doze off to sleep wearing the same Off Trend T-shirts. 

Versatile Styling Made Possible

There are multiple avenues of styling the Off Trend t-shirts. Keeping the colour combinations in mind give you added advantages.

Layer these t-shirts with patterned shirts or jackets for an aesthetic appeal. You can pair them up with jeans and trousers. Pairing them up with pyjamas and shorts informally would be extra comfy.

Off Trend Round Neck T-Shirts Render Matchless Comfort

Do you know the history of t-shirts? T-shirts were invented for unmarried men because they didn’t know how to stitch. This benefit still has substance in the present age. There are no buttons on a round-neck t-shirt. You do not have to spend time buttoning up as you do with a regular shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Choose Offtrend Tshirts ?

 Offtrend t-shirts feature sensible quotes that inspire and empower, and are made with premium Knits that are hard to source . With Offtrend, you can look good and feel good, knowing that you're wearing a t-shirt that reflects your values and unique style.

What Materials are Offtrend t-shirts made from?

Offtrend t-shirts are made from premium cotton blend knits.Offtrend incorporates designer knitted fabrics to create a unique and textured look. These fabrics are carefully selected to add depth and interest to our designs, and to make our t-shirts stand out from the crowd. The result is a high-quality t-shirt that not only feels great to wear, but looks great too. At Offtrend, we're committed to using the best materials and fabrics to create t-shirts that are stylish, comfortable, and unique.

How can I contact Offtrend customer service if I have a question or issue?

Drop in an email to or DM us on our Instagram page @be_offtrend or you can call our Helpline Number 8586944294

Is Beofftrend an Indian clothing brand?

YES. Be off trend is an Indian Clothing Brand. It is the brainchild of the two founders who have had a long legacy of Garment Manufacturing.