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Be Off Trend is not just a clothing brand, It is a way of living.

Off Trend Clothing is for men seeking to change the society through their daily actions and habits.


Off Trend T-shirts are tailor-made for the comfort of the Indian Men.
Be Off Trend has been brought forth by two founders who have had a legacy in Garment manufacturing. They have seen this industry evolve inside-out and know how it works and how they can change towards what should be done instead.


We have come a long way in this fashion industry. In the past, it was all about aesthetics.
The generation of fast fashion arrived in the last decade. This is the generation that goes crazy over trends.


But now the new unfolding generation has something uniquely different about them.
The entire industry makes money off making you follow the trends that they want you to follow. They bind you with the trends so that you don’t explore.


We step away from that. At Off Trend, we shun away from blindly following trends.
Clothing is an expression of comfort and self-portrayal. If you are not comfortable, the trend is worthless.


We want you to be a better version of yourself with each passing day. We at Off Trend believe feeling good about yourself is the best comfort of wearing clothes, because good feelings give you Good and Positive Vibes, and in the end “Vibe matters”.


We have even furnished a fabric library so that you can go through and know what you buy from us, even deeper. The Fabrics we use are not just ordinary Cotton Fabrics, all the fabrics we use are Designed in-house to give the Garment and hence the wearer a character.



Rajat embodies optimism. He believes that you never know in which direction life takes you. You just have to keep your mind open. You must not fear to try what your intuition says and most importantly learn from the mistakes you make.

An engineer turned fashion enthusiast, he lives his life carefree and in the moment. He is a rule breaker who cannot have blind allegiance to orders.



Shubham is a NIFT Delhi Graduate.
Introverts always surprise the world with their work. They do not make advance announcements. They try expressing their thoughts and emotions creatively to the world.

Such is the case of Shubham, who saw t-shirts as a canvas to convey opinions. The entire world is his storyboard.

He observes things and questions everything while diving deeper into the sea of his mind at the same time.


Off Trend is a thoughtful clothing brand for men. It is the brainchild of these two founders who have had a long legacy of Garment Manufacturing. Both founders have seen this industry evolve inside-out. They know how it works and how they can change towards what should be done instead.
Through their designs, Off Trend seeks to find Offtrenders who strive to change society towards the better by taking small steps daily.

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